Satu and you can Shark was in fact matchmaking for a-year and you may an excellent 1 / 2 of

Satu and you can Shark was in fact matchmaking for a-year and you may an excellent 1 / 2 of

“Shark” was the mysterious internationally Master’s training scholar that would perhaps not reveal his house nation in order to Finnish Satu. Gradually, their brand new loved ones discovered that the more youthful student out-of treatments had arrived to Finland out of Kurdistan, Iraq. Connected with his nickname “Shark”, his house country has also been jokingly described as “Sharkland” certainly one of his loved ones.

Immediately following his Master’s studies, Shark earliest gone back to Iraq to be effective right after which, immediately after two years, came back to help you Finland when he received an effective postgraduate reputation from the the fresh university. A keen Iraqi past identity featured to your Satu’s letterbox this autumn.

Iraqi citizenship have not precisely become a benefit having Shark, neither when applying for a charge nor whenever observing anyone. Shark tries to avoid a detrimental first impact, plus day he attempts to prove that he is best than simply just how anyone usually consider Iraqis. Such as, religion was a cause for bias. Shark try a keen atheist.

“It is sad you to stereotypes exist, in case I get to yet another country, it is my employment to split him or her. I would personally point out that immigrants, and asylum candidates, are responsible for its consolidation”, Shark says.

Asylum candidates was something that reasons friction within few. Shark, who has learnt and you can flew the nation, doesn’t choose for the refugees who arrived at Finland, in which he criticizes her or him over Satu. He states, not totally all asylum seekers are from areas enduring distress. He states you to his hometown Erbil is actually safer than just Paris.

“Those of us whom already been here have not been capable incorporate even yet in their residence country. It’s really no used to thought it’d become any convenient here”, Shark responses.

Also the conversation toward immigration, November is even a beneficial divisive question for the few. Shark wants the new ebony and you will cold, whereas Satu is craving for the Southern area heat she observes in the woman environment application. Satu wants to explore the latest cultures, while Shark has an interest from inside the all else. Thanks to Satu, Shark finds it easier to come across Finnish family than ever before.

They actually do agree on anything: Finland isn’t a multicultural nation, not yet. As one could want alot more foreigners moving here to function and study. They must be also able to works rather than a perfect order of Finnish. Predicated on Satu, the newest, after that age bracket are certain to get a declare about precisely how multicultural a nation Finland would-be.

To own Shark and you can Satu, a relationship having a foreigner happens to be a choice. Individuals who are mindful would-be scared of what would happens for the you can children in the event your couple doesn’t stand with her, however, Satu believes it’s too many to paint such threatening images.

They haven’t yet but really shown their relationship to their loved ones, who happen to live into the Kurdistan

From the earliest brief Tinder discussion Santeri and Ana Palkivaara had, it might was impossible to assume one to in 2 decades, the happy couple could be partnered plus the parents of a new baby daughter, Ansa.

They could believe Shark remaining Iraq to have love and never to have a good de- as opposed to his actual one to, and only Satu’s first name

Ana got arrived out-of Catalonia, Spain, to get a bien au couple inside Finland, and you may she overlooked which have a social existence: relatives, maybe not such as for example a date. The couple thought Tinder an excellent place to get in touch with other societies. The fresh carefree app allows taking risks and you may meeting all types of people.

Even though they each other were actually scared to engage in a beneficial relationship, Santeri grabbed the brand new plunge and you will got the fresh new bluish-haired women’s hand on their first date, and this taken place into a festival concert.

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