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Manning Design and Engineering Group is a company that provides electrical design solutions to clients from various business sectors – from the simplest tenant upfit to an intense, phased-construction healthcare renovation. What clients love about us is our ability to respond quickly to project changes and our availability for answering technical questions. In fact, since we started in 2016, we have been able to keep pace with aggressive schedules for Corvid Technologies, Piedmont Natural Gas, Niagara Bottling and numerous healthcare clinics and medical centers, among others.

Focused Electrical Engineering Solutions

We owe the majority of our work ethic to the United States Air Force. Maintaining a mission-oriented focus and attention to detail allows us to design high-quality, code-compliant, energy-saving effective solutions while staying within budget.

All our years of training and experience allow us to combine engineering function with the form of both architectural and interior design. Clients can also depend on us for responsive support with complicated challenges and code compliance options.

Our Philosophy

We believe that design and engineering are both important, so our efforts are devoted to each of these aspects. Owners, facility managers and tenants depend on our electrical and MEP expertise to meet their needs within their space. By combining electrical and MEP function with architectural and interior design, we can help clients save on time, construction costs, and of course, energy costs.

Mission Statement

We provide a proactive and strategic approach to clients looking for high-quality electrical engineering, unique lighting applications, and energy-efficient designs. We offer effective and efficient engineering services throughout the design process that will streamline our clients’ construction effort.

Our efforts enable clients to improve their business performance, impress their customers, and create energy-efficient solutions that will save on utility costs and help the environment.

MEP Engineering Challenge?

We go the extra mile to ensure we provide unique solutions tailored to suit every client’s specific needs. You can count on us!
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