Create an energy-efficient, productive workplace that focuses on wellness with the help of an experienced office design company! Manning Design and Engineering group is an electrical engineering design firm that offers electrical, low-voltage system and interior lighting design services. Most of our designs include retail spaces, healthcare clinics and hospitals, employee areas within industrial facilities and restaurants in many other cities across the country.

Office Lighting Design​

Do you know what a company’s most valuable assets are? The answer: its employees. Here are some of the reasons why you and your interior lighting designer should pay attention to the details of your office lighting design:

Lowers Utility Bills: If you have an inefficient office lighting design, then you could be losing thousands in profits every month! So aim for efficient solutions that won’t eat up too much electricity. You and your interior lighting designer should also try to maximize natural lighting as much as possible.

Maintains a Healthy Workplace: The color temperature and brightness of your office lighting design greatly affect your employees’ productivity. Illumination level standards are published through IES and other groups, but daylight contribution, occupant age, room finishes, ceiling types and the tasks needing illumination are all contributing factors in providing the best lighting design for your space and your employees. Dimming and occupancy sensor controls add to wellness of employees in and office setting. Ask your interior lighting designer to help you find the perfect balance that’ll stimulate productivity without breaking the bank.

Ensures Safety: A poor lighting design can be an insurance liability or workman’s compensation claim waiting to happen from a workplace accidental fall. Workplace safety is the responsibility of the facility owner and managers.

Having trouble with your office lighting design? Don’t worry! Manning Design and Engineering Group has your back. 

Electrical Capacity

The most common question asked by owners is, “Do I have enough power?” Your electrical and interior lighting design engineer can do an assessment of your office electrical infrastructure based on the new occupant load. These are the reasons why you should consider doing so:

Skilled Code Compliance: An expert electrical engineering designer knows all the latest code requirements for proper office space design and code compliance issues to match the situation, occupancy and building owner preferences. A competent electrical engineer can assess the electrical system and guide you through options that are cost-conscience, energy efficient and meet the local code requirements.

Load Analysis for Right-Sizing Equipment: Using historical data to calculate load for the spaces is essential for specifying the appropriately rated distribution equipment based on the occupant preferences, building function, solar exposure, occupancy and use of the space. There are always options, but we are able to explain the benefits and the negatives associated with each choice.

Higher-Efficiency Equipment: Most electrical distribution equipment is required to meet local code requirements for minimum efficiency, including transformers. However, designing to the minimum usually causes longer-term maintenance problems and makes the return-on-investment worse. A competent electrical design engineer can help you navigate the options to make your distribution the best choice for your facility with equipment that operates at a lower utility cost! Make sure you have the peace of mind knowing your equipment choices are the best for your construction and operating budget for many years.

Fire Alarm System Design

A number of factors affect the fire alarm system design. And if you don’t know these, you might end up with far more problems than you expected. There are numerous intricacies for fire alarm code and requirements related to each location, occupancy and situation. To avoid all that stress and hassle, opt to work with a competent, experienced and trusted fire alarm designer!

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