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Create a reliable and secure area or structure where you can reliably support processing and data storage systems with the help of data center designers! Manning Design and Engineering Group is an electrical design firm that helps clients with commercial data center design projects in several areas across the country. Our data center design process includes understanding your current data center design standards and improving the power distribution reliability and support system efficiency. Are you ready to create your perfect, personalized data center facility?


Data Center Construction Projects

Capacity Planning: Your facility infrastructure needs to be planned to accommodate each current and future phase of equipment and system additions. We make sure to future-proof your facility. Capacity planning is when you and your data center designers create a plan to design the incremental system components that support your current equipment while intentionally including the spare capacity for your controlled growth.

Cost-Efficiency: We work with you to create a facility plan that is energy efficient while still supporting your critical facility equipment. The facility plan also deliberately locates infrastructure support equipment like electrical distribution gear, chilled water piping, the associated pumps and hot and cold aisle diffusers to minimize construction costs.

Protection Against Disasters: Redundancy is essential in proper data center design. Our experienced data center design team can accommodate your preferences for redundant HVAC systems, 2N+1 standby generators, and individual UPS modules. We want to make sure your priorities are supported to your comfort level.

Data Center Constructability

Many equipment and support system options are available for critical facilities that would be a perfect fit for your data center. Some of the benefits of working through a constructability analysis are:

Equipment Layout for Construction Cost Reduction: Focus on perfecting your facility’s architectural and engineering designs to avoid the time-consuming construction delays. Careful pre-construction equipment coordination and clash detection calls out those construction hang-ups after the final equipment selections are made. This normally takes a few rounds to make sure everything works together in each space.

Functionality: Data center designers can guide you through every step of the design process to make sure your IT staff enjoys the usability of the layout and that the equipment stays cool and energized. We understand that some things need to be monitored and data rack equipment gets replaced over time. We want your staff to be comfortable in their new space while taking care of their tasks.

Direct Client Communication: Speed up the process by communicating directly with experienced, efficient professionals who’ve gone through this process dozens of times already. Misunderstandings cause many problems and we have learned that working directly with our clients reduces confusion and helps everyone get on the same page quicker to your goal of a fully operational data center.

Data Center Design Consultant

Knowledgeable: The construction of these data center facilities involves a lot of codes and equipment coordination. You should only work with skilled, knowledgeable professionals who understand data center function and design features. An experienced designer will make the process easier while stepping through each phase of the design process with you.

Future-Centric: Data center design consultant teams that focus on the bigger picture always end up with effective, properly planned results. Rather than addressing your current needs, we work with you to solve your future needs. Brainstorm with your data center designers to come up with a way to support your full build-out target and expansion timeline. That way, you will have the assurance that your facility location can handle the growth as you scale up your business.

Considerate: This may not seem as important as the first two, but a team of respectful and committed consultants gives you the confidence that you have the right team. Better quality consultants will listen to your concerns and needs rather than fit your project into their design mold. Our clients prefer to work with respectful data center design consultants that are friendly, understanding and approachable.

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