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Create an attractive statement or a proud announcement for the exterior of your building at night that will identify your location and promote your brand with commercial outdoor lighting! Manning Design and Engineering Group is an electrical design firm that provides an array of solutions to clients. Whether you need sports field lighting or a parking lot lighting design, we can help!


Parking Lot Lighting Design

What type of outdoor lighting design does your facility’s outdoor area, building façade or parking lot have? Here are some reasons why you should invest in parking lot lighting design services:

Prevents Accidents: The risk of accidents happening heightens if you have a parking area with very low light or uneven levels in a parking lot. In fact, without proper lighting that is consistent for the area needs, drivers can become confused and visually impaired which could result in crashes into walls, cars, or worse, pedestrians.

Deters Crimes: Places with a poor parking lot lighting design are easy targets for criminals. They can lurk in dimly lit areas, break into your property, or attack employees or customers.

Lighting placement is also critical to be coordinated with landscaping and video surveillance cameras. Make sure your outdoor lighting design has even illumination at the proper foot-candle levels if you want to protect yourself, your property and your reputation.

Lower Utility Bills: Proper lighting is important, but you wouldn’t want to use more energy than you need, would you? Luckily, a parking lot lighting design expert knows how to select energy-efficient light sources with appropriate light distribution while working within the budget. In fact, alternative methods like utilizing natural daylight for solar-powered pole lights can eliminate utility bill costs.

Sports Field Lighting

Considering sports field lighting? Here are some things you need to know before jumping into an outdoor sports lighting project:

Local Regulations: Local codes and light trespass ordinances protect the environment and nearby residents. Homeowners of adjacent properties might not be happy with sports field lighting spilling onto their property. Before you begin a sports field lighting project, make sure your lighting designer checks out your local ordinances.

Operating Expenses: Apart from creating an attractive and functional outdoor lighting design and construction budget, you should also consider the utility costs it takes to support sports field lighting. Simply put, more lighting requires higher power consumption and costs, even though LED light sources are used in most sports lighting pole light fixtures.

Field Size and Multi-uses: A very important factor to consider when getting sports field lighting is the size of the field when it is used for multiple sports. Your outdoor lighting design expert can help you navigate pole locations and the number and size of the poles as well as planning for future growth.

Is a sports field lighting project overwhelming? Don’t worry! Manning Design and Engineering Group understands! Leave the daunting tasks of code compliance, designing and finding the right budget for your project to the outdoor lighting design experts.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Finding the right commercial outdoor lighting designer can be quite difficult. In fact, without knowing what qualifications you are looking for, it could take you a few days just to know who in your area can help you.

So how do you find a qualified outdoor lighting designer? If you want a qualified commercial outdoor lighting design company, then look no further than Manning Design and Engineering Group. Some of the traits that set us apart from the rest are:

Collaborative: We will never pitch a product without hearing your needs first. Our team provides nothing but accurate solutions tailored to suit your individual needs.

Reliable: Our team has decades of experience working and designing within the engineering industry. So working on a variety of many projects has given us the skills we need to provide a commercial outdoor lighting design solution to meet your needs.

Friendliness: Let’s face it, working with great team members who are supportive and can work through challenges is rare these days. Work with a team that’s willing to work with you, respect you and put in the effort to make your project a success for you.

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We go the extra mile to ensure we provide unique solutions tailored to suit every client’s specific needs. You can count on us!


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