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Ensure that your electrical infrastructure meets your current and future needs with expert electrical distribution design services! Manning Design and Engineering Group is an experienced and reliable electrical design solutions company that helps commercial clients across the country. Some services we offer include arc flash study, electrical load analysis, and redundancy analysis in power systems.


Arc Flash Study

Is an arc flash study required? The short answer is absolutely. OSHA requires that the facility employer is responsible for providing a safe working environment which also involves maintenance of electrical distribution equipment. Here are some of the benefits of having an electrical distribution design expert evaluate your facility’s electric systems:

Worker Safety: The main purpose of this test is to assess the available fault current at every piece of electrical equipment in a facility’s electrical distribution and provide guidance on the properly rated Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) gear. This analysis and related labels will warn all staff and occupants about the hazard at each electrical distribution equipment item.

OSHA Requirement: OSHA requires that equipment is labeled and updated every five years for your facility’s electrical distribution. If equipment is changed or the distribution is modified, then a new study and labels are needed. This includes the normal and the emergency branches in the distribution.

Employer Responsibility: Making the employer responsible for the proper arc flash warning labels allows both facility staff maintenance personnel and outside electrical contractors to work on electrical gear safely. Nothing is without risk but being prepared and wearing the properly rated PPE gear has proven to save lives.

Electrical Load Analysis

Renovating or assessing the capacity in an existing structure or space? Before deciding on what new systems, equipment and appliances your electrical distribution can safely handle, it’s important for the project design to have an electrical load analysis completed. This is where your electrical distribution design specialist assesses how much spare capacity your building currently operates with and how much more could be added.

For example, if you’re running a facility, then you’ll need this analysis to gauge how much energy your equipment currently uses and how much new load could be safely added. If you lack any historical load data, then temporary metering options are available to assess the current electrical distribution.

Still don’t know the available electrical capacity of your facility? Then it’s definitely time to schedule a consultation! Manning Design and Engineering Group is a company that offers accurate electric system tests and reports using the latest equipment on the market.

Power System Redundancy Analysis

You have a critical facility and you want some power system redundancy to better support your facility. So what do you do next? Before proceeding with the project, clients will need to run an analysis of your power distribution system to identify single points of failure and all the layers of back-up support.

It’s a method where your electrical distribution gear and on-site power generation equipment is documented to assess the system reliability if a failure occurs at any point in the system. Once the points of failure are identified, the electrical distribution design team will analyze the existing gear to suggest options for meeting the resiliency expectation for your facility and your clients.

Apart from gauging your facility’s layers of electrical and back-up power distribution redundancy, you’ll get an idea of what problems may arise in the future. This will help you create a strategy to prevent similar issues from happening. It’s also the perfect time to come up with an emergency sequence of operation to ensure your facility continues its operations.

Need a redundancy analysis in your power systems? Then schedule one now with Manning Design and Engineering Group! Count on our electrical distribution design experts to guide you every step of the way.

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