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Streamline the construction of your new facility with an engineering design firm that’s experienced with design-build process or Integrated Project Delivery! Manning Design and Engineering Group is an engineering design firm that provides electrical design solutions to business clients across the country. We can help with the design-build construction of facilities like restaurants, data centers, healthcare clinics, hospitals and retail facilities, among others.


Design-Build Construction

Are you considering a design-build construction or Integrated Project Delivery? Here are some benefits you should definitely know:

Easy Communication: By reducing the traditional design-bid-build time problems, you can go with the design-build or Integrated Project Delivery process to streamline your suggestions and input. So this makes the whole process a lot smoother and easier for the client.

Cost-Efficiency: The design-build construction process is more cost-efficient than other approaches. You’ll be able to get design decisions made early with input from the entire design-build team to avoid annoying Change Orders, surprise charges, and scope creep. The only bill you’ll have to pay is the one your design-build firm charges you.

Faster Project Completion: Since there’s no need to delay messages from reaching the right team member, the design-build or Integrated Project Delivery process gets decisions made quicker to help finish the project at a much faster rate. Quicker design decisions by the whole design-build or Integrated Project Delivery team gets equipment ordered faster and releases the equipment to the site for installation. All you’ll have to do is give the team the go signal and they’ll be able to start working together right away!

Convinced that you want to use the design-build construction or Integrated Project Delivery process? Get in touch with Manning Design and Engineering Group! You can come to us for all your electrical design needs. Whether it’s for a small startup restaurant or a large medical facility, we can help!

Integrated Project Experience

Working with a design-build or Integrated Project Delivery team requires careful coordination with all the team members and quick decision making. In fact, days and weeks are saved on the design-build schedule the earlier that decisions are made. So rather than jumping straight into the project, why not check out some reference materials first?

You can draw inspiration from some of the best design-build or Integrated Project Delivery project examples across the country. You don’t need to start with a clear design; an abstract idea of building type, size, features, and functionality is all you need to get the ball rolling.

Engineering Design Firm

Do you want a competent and respected engineering design firm across the country. Then look no further than Manning Design and Engineering Group! Here are the reasons why we’re better than any other design-build firm in the area:

Approachable: We take pride in the fact that our team is very friendly and approachable. You can come to us with any comments or feedback to make your project vision become a reality. After all, your input is what will help us collect the best design options for your project.

Honest: Our team believes in ethical practices and integrity to provide excellent service. We promise to provide nothing but honest services, accurate information, and reliable teamwork.

Skilled: What truly sets our engineering design firm apart from other design-build or Integrated Project Delivery firms is our great skill in applying our knowledge to our streamlined process. We have decades of experience in the engineering design industry learning how to provide effective and efficient design-build and Integrated Project Delivery project solutions. This level of experience is not something most other electrical or MEP engineering design firms can easily achieve.

Have a project in mind? Then let us help you turn it into a reality! Whether you’re a business owner, general or trade contractor, engineer, or even another design-build firm, you can count on us as a reliable team member.

MEP Engineering Challenge?

We go the extra mile to ensure we provide unique solutions tailored to suit every client’s specific needs. You can count on us!


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